Cultural Museum- in an evolving world!

According to studies, seeing something in person versus reading about it in a book or computer screen is slightly different. Museums, for example, ensure that various people and civilizations are appreciated and conceptualized. They advocate for a better understanding of our shared history and encourage debate, self-reflection, and interest. Furthermore, museums aid future generations in accepting their history and recognizing the accomplishments of those who came before them.

Without a doubt! Museums are still relevant and essential in today’s world. Without museums, people would be unable to maintain strong ties to their past. A variety of museums exist where you can learn about history, science, and art. I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Hunza, Pakistan. One of the trip’s highlights was a visit to the MarcoPolo Inn’s Cultural Museum located in Gulmit, Hunza. I’m referring to a museum founded by Mr Raja Bahadur Khan, a tour guide, in the mid-1980s. He conducted an expedition to Nanga Parbat at an early age and had a love for preserving artifacts.

Mr Khan was ordered by the Chairman (Pakistan Tourism Corporation) to build a museum in his ancient Wakhi residence in 1983. At this point, he became enthralled by the idea and began collecting things and traditional clothing, which included antique cooking equipment, weaponry, and historical musical instruments. His efforts enabled him to construct a museum that was operational without the need for outside support. Upper Hunza’s traditional heritage is on display here. The museum’s impressive collection might quickly fascinate visitors. A gun alleged to have harmed a British commander during “The Great Game” in 1891 can be found in the museum. A considerable number of international tourists visit this museum. It is located inside the Hunza hotel’s region and is housed in a classic ancient house. Here you will find a diverse collection of historical artifacts and antiques. The Marcopolo Inn’s Cultural Museum has preserved the Gojal Valley’s unique and distinct culture. The stuffed snow leopard is among the extinct species on display, as is the history of their disappearance. The role of museums has changed in recent years to appeal to a broader audience. Local museums, such as MarcoPolo’s Inn Museum, provide a feeling of community and place by celebrating a shared heritage, providing an exciting way to learn about the history of a particular location. The museum has gotten a lot of attention in the last decade. It has demonstrated that it is essential not only in the realm of the arts but also in leisure and tourism. This cultural museum in Hunza is a must-see destination that is constantly open to visitors.

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