Something good in every bad!

Some individuals are born with a naturally cheerful nature. However, a more significant chunk of happiness depends on your attitude, the manner you live, and the habits that you practice each day. There will be situations where life will at first seem good. But in several cases, the circumstances that one goes through will end up bad based on how you react to them. When bad things occur, it is customary to be upset at the hurt. It becomes part of the healing process. It would be best if you do not allow yourself to be drawn into a vicious cycle of anger and despair. Instead, look at every condition and discover something you can learn from. As an individual, one is born to struggle. What matters is how one mature and eventually, become better. The struggle involves that a person must lose someone or something to understand the worthy things in his life, such as a person must undergo a disease, as he has never valued his health. You cannot restrict the terrible circumstances from taking place; however, you can determine how you react. If your ending didn’t turn out to be as expected, then the next time, you will have the experience and familiarity to assist yourself more. It takes a lot to be optimistic in stressful conditions; though, everyone knows what stress does to their bodies. But horrific circumstances need to occur, or else life would be so mundane. The achievement charge is on you, and so is the responsibility for constructing meaning out of the greatest displeasures of life. An example of a woman losing her husband left with kids to raise has a lifespan plan. Here, everything changed in an instant. Not everyone can contemplate this scenario, and no reason could explain her pain. But she can lead a happy life by making a courageous choice to construct a place of healing, facilitating those coping with the sudden loss.

An awful thing doesn’t happen for reasons we can accept or realize, which doesn’t mean that one becomes helpless. However, one must be responsible enough to give meaning to whatever takes place in life. And this lesson applies to every situation, whether a personal loss, business failure or a professional obstruction. One can easily fall into the trap of realizing that there is no point in improving as most life has been tormented. Also, he may fail to learn a lesson from his sufferings merely because it demands a lot of energy and effort to sustain a specific aim and motivation. Hence, forming a meaning needs moving from being a victim of your surroundings to a maker of your future, transforming pain and despair into hope and loss into success. But then this needs more effort than accepting the unexpected reason that may be beyond your control. Eventually, it means eyeing back with thankfulness on the possibility to describe a path ahead that you would have never considered rather than on the unjust incidences that had torn you. Despite being said that, there are situations whereby you are being tested. Trials allow for faith to develop. The key is to believe that one can overcome the challenges by being grateful, identifying blessings within the mishap, and persisting to lead a life in ways that will ultimately resolve the situation. What is required during the process is to seek divine guidance. Maybe natural catastrophes happen so that people can volunteer to help and donate the fellow human beings.

Remember, the only person who can bring about the best in your life is you and the secret to knowing the problem is that life is a test. It would be like taking the trial away from a student if God were to restrict the wrong thing from happening to each individual. So you might dislike something though it is good for you or prefer something terrible for you. It is like someone who witnesses two persons fighting and concludes both of them being wrong without contemplating that one might be protecting himself. So affliction and misery mainly help a person distinguish between the good and the evil people, and hardship is vital to experience its contrary emotions of happiness and accomplishment.

By myrajawaid

Relaxed, inspiring articles about travel, life, and adventure- bringing amazing bits from unique features of life.

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