The other side of Fear!

I know the topic might not be pleasant to the ears of several individuals, and why shall I be speaking about the very thing we are fearful of? But if you have not acknowledged failure, then you haven’t felt victory before. I have matured to recognize that disappointment is a necessity for success in life. Why don’t you attempt to recollect the very stories of prosperous people you heard and read virtually? You have tried nothing in life if you haven’t failed. There are several reasons I think every person must fail in their life. For a tougher you, failure in life is the correct dose.

Failure can knock out any person from various directions. Maybe you are failing in your personal life, career, or in your spiritual relationship with Almighty. Maybe your association with family is deteriorating, or you are failing money-wise.

However, it gets disheartening.

The major issue with feeling like a disappointment is that it ends all choices in your mind. And when this takes place, failure persuades you that there is no solution to your problems. Hence making you feel trapped. Most people don’t want to accept failure and blame another person except for themselves. Some people have experienced the most letdowns, however, what makes them different from others is a sole realization. And once you learn the skill of falling without staying down, you will fall more frequently. But every descent will make you get nearer to who you want to be. A feeling of failure might occur when you view other people doing exciting things, landing new jobs, travelling to cool places, and then you associate yourself to them and recognize you have not achieved closely as much. You may discover yourself disregarded by somebody who you prefer to influence. Well, a cause can be as simple as missing an outstanding task at work or school, or as dis-remembering to pay the bill on time. In any case, it requires understanding that accepting the failure and accepting the pain linked with it is the only technique that you will progress in life. Hence, you must sustain emotional pain and fight to become emotionally tougher, too. Remember, the foremost lesson for you is to trust in the plans of Almighty when hardships drop on your shoulder. There are chances you might not be conscious of what was going to take place. But the Lord knew, and He still let it occur anyhow because He has a plan for every one of us. 

Has it ever happened to you, you defend your failures? Or you remain in denial that you even failed? Do you know that accepting disappointment is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do? Let us perceive you grew up trusting that you are capable of something you took pride in throughout your life. However, when you placed your ability to test in real- you failed and that too every time. To tell you, accepting that you actually could not successfully come up with billion motives why your competition (every person cheated), the situations (I was feeling ill), the environment (the bad weather) – ultimately the universe was against you and never wanted you to flourish, that is why you become unsuccessful. And not as you are not in actual worthy at “that thing.”

Proper acceptance can be tough, but also very overwhelming. So the key is to acknowledge your failures. It will simply mean that you deep within accept that you have failed and you will speak about it instead of hiding them at the corner of your heart. By not accepting your failure, you cannot learn from them. Mostly we dismiss failure and learn nothing new. If you look around, the leading personalities and powerful experts are always rising globally. They embrace failure with open arms. Hence, remember that failure frees you from living up to the severe mark that is built by others for you. Let it be known to yourself that the ones who are profoundly fearful of failure critic the failure of others. And you must push their declarations away and sustain to rise.

By myrajawaid

Relaxed, inspiring articles about travel, life, and adventure- bringing amazing bits from unique features of life.

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